The 3C's of Adamas
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3. Claims Processing & Billing

At Adamas we understand that the “business” of practicing medicine can often times overwhelm providers. Providers are recognizing that they need to address their internal business processes in order to meet the challenges of declining reimbursements and increasing regulation and increasing labor costs. Outsourcing medical billing service is the most cost effective as well as efficient way to cater to the medical billing needs of a practice. 

Adamas is your medical practice’s business solution. Our services are customized to meet the needs of your practice. We provide you with the resources to ensure your practice’s ROI.
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2. Credentialing

            Payer Enrollment:
The identification, follow up and processing required to obtain network participation can become a time consuming and complex process when you consider the time, effort and level of knowledge needed to effectively and appropriately communicate a client’s information to Medicare and commercial payers. 

        Provider Credentialing: 
Healthcare organizations are held legally responsible for granting staff privileges to competent physicians and advance practice providers. The credentialing process consists of two phases: verification of primary qualifications pursuant to the organizations by-laws, and granting privileges. 
1. Consulting

Adamas Healthcare Consulting offers their services to develop internal processes for the clients that help them identify reasons for non-payment and devise standard operating procedures that will reduce the risk of non-payment by these third party carriers.