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Payer Enrollment
What We Do:

• Apply for participation on your behalf in all requested networks,      products, and plans
• Provide frequent, detailed updates on the status of your applications 
• Forward executed agreements for your records, noting any areas    of particular importance
• Monitor expiration dates of licenses, certifications, and liability  insurance and send out reminders
• Assist in the creation and re-attestation of CAQH profiles
• Submit updates, changes, and handle all re-credentialing as necessary

After your application is complete, you can engage with Adamas Healthcare Consulting to develop the internal policies and protocols that are necessary to ensure ongoing compliance with your contract. We address such issues as local and national coverage determination guidelines, medical necessity guidelines and best practice.

Provider Credentialing
What We Do:

• Review and analyze organizational by-laws 
• Conduct a risk assessment 
• Identify red flags
• Audit processes 
• Assist with submission of updates, changes, and re-credentialing 

It is a costly error for any healthcare organization, large or small to assume that only large hospital systems are expected to inspect and evaluate providers. Practices and hospitals alike can achieve higher quality of care and safe guard the organization from legal issues by evaluating provider competency regularly. 

                The 3 C's of Adamas

2. Credentialing & Enrollment
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