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    Revenue Cycle Management

We are your complete business revenue cycle management solution; you will achieve a healthier bottom line while maintaining your focus on patient care.

Adamas Healthcare Consulting offers Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) that encompasses all areas of your practice which affect your cash flow, whether it involves completely outsourced billing or a portion of the billing process. RCM includes complete front-to-back office processing of any individual service:

        -Case Management
        -Payment Posting

Our Medical Billing Specialists can handle your day-to-day billing accurately and efficiently to maximize your revenue and minimize your collection times.

        You will see:
        -Increased collections
        -Reduced payment cycles
        -Reduced staff cost

    A/R Recovery

Health Insurers makes errors in 20% of medical claims that are processed. This results in unpaid or underpaid claims. The research and appeal process associated with unpaid claims require a special skill set. Millions of dollars a year are written off by healthcare organizations because internal staff doesn’t have the time or knowledge to address and resolve denial issues in a timely manner. 

We will collect these claims and provide you with comprehensive information outlining the issues that have contributed to these unpaid claims.

We get paid when you get paid. 

        You will see:
        -Increased cash flow
        -Comprehensive outline of issues that result in denied or rejected claims
        -Targeted improvement areas within the organization​
                The 3 C's of Adamas

 3. Claims Processing & Billing
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